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Pinda Bali (Outcall)

From: $151.00

Performed outside core temple. 48 hours notice required. Check with counter staff for items to be arranged. [select date]. Sradham/Pinda Bali can be done at home and one of the Thirumeni’s will provide instructions over the phone to conduct the function.

Devotee(s) details

Names and stars to be used by priest during pooja. Find out your nakshatram / star in Malayalam, Tamil, and English.

For precise date and time, check the Malayalam calendar curated for N. American time zones (PDF file).


If you would like to add Dhakshina [add only numbers; $ sign not required.]

Fact checks

Before clicking the ‘BOOK NOW’ button ensure the date on the calendar is clicked [color turns to orange]. Fill in other details; any field denoted by an [asterisk] * is mandatory.

COVID Restrictions

Effective 14 August 2021, temple entry restrictions have changed. Please read the complete guidelines (home page and news page) before visiting the temple.

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