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Message from the President

Dear devotees, volunteers, office bearers and all well-wishers of the temple,

These are difficult times. The COVID 19 pandemic is in another phase and the Delta variant has been most threatening especially to our children under 12 for whom the world is yet to formulate and implement a vaccination plan! Other unvaccinated individuals as well immune compromised and elderly are also at high risk and vulnerable.

Our aim is to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, who are the future of our temple! We as parents are responsible to achieve this as much as possible and in the best possible way. We are also obligated to protect the other high-risk groups.

The entire world, including the health experts, has learned a lot about this unknown enemy. Our armamentarium has evolved and adapted to achieve the best possible outcome. The Public Health regulations and recommendations are stringent and changing with time. They are binding on us and associated with penalties!

Our Priests have all received the recommended doses of the vaccines. We have tried to keep the temple open and provide most of the poojas and services. We did expand and reintroduce some services when circumstances improved.

Recently because of the spread of the delta variant, we sent emails requesting devotees to avoid bringing children under 12 and the elderly to the temple. Unfortunately, this has not been followed. Sometimes we see more than one family bringing one or more children inside the temple at the same time and allowing them to run around. We know that little children move around shout, scream and cry even through the masks! But when there are several children doing this at the same time and parents remain passive, we are asking for trouble. So far, we have been fortunate and safe without untoward incidents.

The guidelines were prepared after careful consideration weighing all possible options. We have a medical panel consisting of six physicians and they have strongly recommended that until further notice (till the situation improves all over) we implement stringent guidelines preventing children under 12 from entering the temple. We have also slightly modified the timings and guidelines for all devotees entering the temple.

The Board is mindful about the emotional hardship and stresses our communities and devotees are going through. Giving due consideration to these facts we have identified three time slots every day when with prior discussion with and approval from the Chief Priest, one family at a time can book and be present inside the temple for special Poojas, Choroon, thulabharam etc with their own children even if under twelve but following other PPE and distancing recommendations. These available timings would be early in the mornings (7 to 8 AM), after morning Pooja (10 to 11 AM) and after deeparadhana (7.30 PM). There could be slight difference during weekdays and weekends and during special festivities or celebrations. Darsanam from outside through the closed front door if desired, is unrestricted and has no impact on the temple rules.

Please understand that we are trying to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AND NOT DISCRIMINATING!

May LORD GURUVAYURAPPAN bless us and our children and protect us from this dangerous pandemic.

Heppa Filters reduce small particles in the incoming air. They are not specifically protective against Covid 19.The degree of efficacy depends upon the type, size and capacity of the filters and the size of the space to be covered! Our temple is one large area, unlike a closed and smaller classrooms or operating spaces in a hospital or clinic. The circumstances and timings of use are also different, in our opinion. Adding capability to pass the filtered air through Ultraviolet light might be of theoretical benefit but the use of PPEs and maintaining the distance are the best recommendations to follow at this time.

I appreciate and share your concerns. On behalf of the board, I apologize for the inconvenience.

There is nothing in this world that will make us all happy, until we have our temple fully open and available to all of you for unrestricted use. May the LORD relieve this universe from this pandemic soon!
Thank you all for your patience and support. We will survive this together. Stay safe.

My Cell 647 705 7066. Please call me if you have any special concerns or suggestions. I do not wish to engage in email exchanges in this regard. I will be guided by the Board and Medical Panel. Our Chief Priest, as our Guide and Guru, will be consulted to modify the rituals where possible and necessary, to accommodate these restrictions.


Dr. P. Karunakaran Kutty
President GTB, 24th August 2021

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