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July 2015 Events

04 Jul. Sat.           PRATHISHTA DINA MAHOTSAVAM Chuttuvilakku and Niramaala (lighting the lamps an

Pratishtha Divasam

ഗുരുവായൂരപ്പന്റെ പ്രതിഷ്ഠാദിന വാ൪ഷികമഹോത്സവം ഈ വരുന്ന ജൂലായ് 4ന് കരുണാമൂ൪ത്തിയായ ഗുരുവായൂരപ്പന്റെ പ്

Picnic 2015

Friends of Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton (GTOB) are organizing a summer picnic. The details are

Summer Workshop

An eight week academic workshop in high-school Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry led by Dr. S. Sund

Guruvayurappan Temple

The Guruvayurappan temple of Brampton will be built close to the intersection of Country side Drive and Torbram Road in Brampton. The temple is the fu
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Chief Priest

Shri Divakaran Namboothiri is the Chief priest and Thantri of the Guruvayurappan temple of Brampton. He hails from Kariannur Mana. The family members
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The Guruvayurappan Medallion

The Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton (GTB) has minted an exclusive and unique medallion.  A very limited quantity of only 1500 serially numbered meda
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Udayasthamana Pooja

The Udaya Asthamana Pooja is supposed to be the most coveted and dearest of all poojas and is the most popular offering involving special poojas and v
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